Decks Decks Decks!

Assorted Deck Projects

We have completed our share of decks in the past few years. We wish we had made more of an effort to visually document our work. Some of our best work does not appear here. However, we take pride in what we do and are confident in sharing these pictures with you.

Power Washing

Dirt Isn't Cool.

Sometimes, a deck doesn't need a complete refinishing; it just needs a good cleaning. Other times, cleaning the deck is the first step to a beautiful new finish on your deck.

Despite being named Deck Deck Goose, our power washing isn't limited to decks and geese (just kidding, we have relocated bird nests and rescued a chipmunk that got trapped in lattice so we certainly will not be harming animals with a pressure washer). We are happy to wash driveways, siding, concrete home foundations, fences and anything else that would benefit from a good washing.

Deck Stripping & Sanding

Proper Preparation Means Perfect Project

Just washing your deck isn't always enough to prepare for a new stain job. The hardest, most labour intensive part of the project is the stripping & sanding of an old finish off the deck. Depending on the type & condition of the existing finish, this could be the most time consuming & least appreciated part of the project.

We use only the highest quality deck strippers and sand all decks twice, once to remove all remnant wood finish & dead wood fibres and the second time to provide a smoother surface for staining. No one wants to invest the time & money into having their deck sanded & stripped for it to feel like coarse sandpaper uner bare feet.